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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – NASA has set a new November launch window for Artemis 1 after Hurricane Ian scrubbed a backup launch date of Oct. 2.

A new launch window will open on November 12 and close 15 days later on Nov. 27, NASA said Friday.

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No damage was found on the Artemis 1 following the hurricane. The Artemis 1 stack, which consists of the giant Space Launch System rocket topped with the Orion capsule, had been rolled into NASA’s massive Vehicle Assembly Building before Hurricane Ian arrived in Florida on Wednesday.

Officials at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center did find some minor water intrusion but said the facilities are in good shape.

NASA said that teams would begin preparations for the next launch by retesting the flight termination system.

The timing of the new launch window will also allow NASA employees to address the needs of their families and homes following Hurricane Ian.