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Schools should be a safe place for children to learn and grow, but sometimes, children can be put in danger in an emergency while on campus. >> Read more trending news Here are a few tips to teach your child to stay safe while away at school: What to do if you are in an […]

With the Fourth of July approaching, it’s a good time to review a few safety tips that will keep everyone safe. >> Read more trending news Here are some tips to keep in mind: Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities, including sparklers. According to the […]

Whenever severe winter weather approaches, grocery store aisles are always clear of eggs, bread and milk.

Every family should have a supply kit that can be used when severe weather or other emergency strikes.

Keeping a cool head and remembering these tips may save your life if your vehicle is ever overcome by water.

The pool is a popular destination for both parents and children during the summer months.

Summertime is perfect for outdoor adventures with your dog, but experts warn that pets can quickly overheat, or burn their paws on hot asphalt while out on a walk.

Outdoor grilling is a great way to enjoy the summer months, but it’s important to do so safely. Before you fire up the grill this season, make sure you check out these tips for a safe and fun summer grilling experience. At the store According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is […]

Over half of hot-car deaths occur because someone forgot they had a child in a car. >> Read more trending news According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 38 children die each year in hot cars. Even on a 70-degree-day, the temperature inside a car can reach over 115 degrees. Here are some tips […]