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Two boys magnet fishing reeled in an explosive find, a rusted old hand grenade.

Lari Tammiviuori and Viljami Juutilainen made the discovery while fishing Thursday in Lake Vesijarvi in Lahti, Finland, YLE reported.

“We carried it to the shore with our hands, but then didn’t touch it again when we found out what it was,” Tammivuori said. 

The boys have gone magnet fishing frequently this summer, pulling in scrap metal, bottle caps and nails.

They called police who arrived and disposed of the grenade. 

The age and condition of the explosive have not been released. 

Mother Maarit Juutilainen thought her son’s magnet fishing hobby was harmless.

“Now you kind of get scared of what they might find,” she said. “But we won’t allow the boys to continue fishing scrap from there.”