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MURFREESBORO, Ark. – After only spending 30 minutes at Crater of Diamonds State Park, Beatrice Watkins picked up the largest diamond to be found there in 2020.

Watkins found a pea-sized rock that her daughter thought was iron pyrite and put it in her bag.

“I thought it was shiny but had no idea it was a diamond! My daughter Googled similar-looking stones and thought it might have been iron pyrite, so I stuck it in my sack and kept sifting,” Watkins told KATV.

The 2.23-carat discovery was made when park staff told her that what she believed was iron pyrite was actually a brown diamond.

The diamond has been named “Lady Beatrice” by Watkins.

Watkins discovery is the largest since late 2019 when a woman found a 3.29-carat diamond found by dry sifting, according to KATV, the same method used by Watkins.

37.5-acre Crater of Diamonds State Park in southeast Arkansas is the only diamond-bearing site accessible to the public in the world. Diamonds were first discovered there in 1906.

In 1990, the 3.09-carat Strawn-Wagner Diamond was discovered in the park. It was later cut to 1.09 carats and was graded a “perfect” 0/0/0 by the American Gem Society.