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GREENVILLE, N.C. – A puppy’s owner cut off a canine’s ears and superglued them back to the animal’s head.

The mutilated puppy was found Jan. 29 while the Greenville police gang unit was searching a house, officials said.

“They located a puppy that looked as though his ears had been cut off with a pair of scissors or other sharp instrument,” North Carolina Animal Protective Services said on social media.

Officers seized the animal and took it to an emergency veterinarian for treatment.

During the examination, a veterinarian noticed the puppy’s ears were apparently superglued to his temples after they were cut. The puppy will remain in the care of animal protective services.

The puppy’s owner, Tony Lopez, was arrested and charged Monday with felony cruelty to animals, police said.

He was released on $10,000 bond, WITN reported.