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If you evacuate because of a storm, here is one thing that you can do to help ensure you and your family members don’t get sick after returning to your home.

We change our clocks on November 6 as we fall back one hour to mark the end of daylight saving time.

We use our cars as an extension of our homes, sometimes even as storage for those items you either don’t want to take inside, or simply forget.

<p>When winter hits, some of the country can deal with the aftermath of the snow and ice, while other areas, where snow is infrequent, may need a refresher on how to drive in what Mother Nature drops.</p>

<p>As temperatures dip across the country, you may want to check your state laws to find out if it is illegal to start your car and let it warm-up.</p>

Shoveling snow can pose health risks. Here are tips on how to shovel snow safely.

Were you ever told not to shower or bathe during a thunderstorm, all because you could be hit by lightning? Well, it turns out that the old wives tale could be true.

It hasn't even aired yet, but so many people are looking forward to the reboot of Disney's "DuckTales" cartoon show that before the trailer was released this week, the studio ordered a second season.

A little girl had a Disney dream come true after she sang with one of the latest Disney stars. YouTube star Claire Ryann, 4, and her dad took a trip to Disney studios.

Aretha Franklin has been singing professionally for almost 60 years, but has announced that she will be retiring at the end of 2017.