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NORWALK, Ohio – A pregnant Ohio woman died last week after her 2-year-old son accidentally shot her, police said.

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On Friday around 1 p.m., Norwalk, Ohio, police received multiple calls from Laura Ilg, 31, who said she had been shot in the back, according to WEWS.

When officers arrived at the house, they found Ilg on the floor of her bedroom, the news outletreported. Her son was also in the room crying.

Norwalk Police Chief David Smith said that Ilg was 33 weeks pregnant and that her 2-year-old accidentally shot her, according to WEWS. Ilg’s husband, Alek Ilg, was a work when the shooting happened.

Ilg was rushed to the hospital for an emergency cesarean section, The Associated Press reported. Both Ilg and her baby died.

Smith said the shooting was an accident, according to WEWS. The gun was left unlocked and loaded inside a nightstand.

Smith said that the house had numerous safety features, according to the AP. Smith said that baby gates that were usually closed were left open as Ilg was doing laundry in the bedroom. She apparently didn’t notice her son had followed her inside and he started playing with the gun.

Investigators also found a loaded shotgun and rifle inside the house, the AP reported.

“Trigger locks, gun safes, there’s a million varieties, and they aren’t that expensive. At the very least, leave them unloaded,” Smith said, according to the AP.

No arrests have been made.