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A South Florida deputy was suspended for two days after burglars allegedly stole a bag full of weapons from his patrol vehicle last year.

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According to an internal affairs report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Geral Ramirez was suspended after burglars broke into his vehicle in a Boynton Beach neighborhood on May 15, 2022.

According to the report, Ramirez told investigators that he parked the sheriff’s office cruiser outside his apartment at about 6:30 p.m. EST on May 12, 2022, WPEC-TV reported. Two days later, he called the sheriff’s office communications department to report that the vehicle’s rear window had been shattered.

According to WPEC, the burglar stole a gym bag that Ramirez had placed under a rear compartment lockbox. The bag contained unsecured weapons, including a Remington 870 shotgun, a Bushmaster X15 rifle, and a Deftec 40mm launcher.

According to the internal affairs report, Ramirez flagged down Boynton Beach police Officer Janelle Jumelles, who was patrolling the area for vehicle burglaries.

Jumelles told investigators that Ramirez claimed he saw his “vehicle secured on May 14, 2022, at about 11:40 p.m. EST, WPEC reported.

On June 22, a sheriff’s office captain called for a personnel complaint investigation into Ramirez, claiming that the deputy failed to properly secure his weapons. Ramirez was interviewed two months later and told investigators that he had been working a special detail and forgot to place the weapons back in the lockbox.

Investigators approved the two-day suspension for Ramirez in September, according to WPEC.