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Soon, you will be able to teach your iPhone and iPad to speak in your own voice in about 15 minutes, according to the Washington Post.

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The company calls the new feature Personal Voice and it will come as part of a free software update. The company did not say exactly when, but updates with new features such as this usually come in the fall.

Apple said the new feature and a handful of others are part of its ongoing effort to make its products more accessible. Apple said it could enable people with a disease like ALS, which can rob people of their ability to speak, Business Insider reports.

Among other features to enhance accessibility is called Live Speech, which allows users to type in a phrase or commonly used ones that will allow the device to speak for its user in FaceTime, audio calls and in-person conversations. People who have lost their voices will still be able to conduct business and connect with friends and loved ones.

Personal Voice will lead users through a series of randomized prompts that will create about 15 minutes of audio, Business Insider said.

Apple said machine learning, a type of AI, will create the voice on the device rather than externally to maintain the security and privacy of the data, Business Insider reported.