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Well hot dog! Oscar Mayer is reportedly looking for a new group of drivers to travel across America in the famous Wienermobile.

KTTV, a television station in Los Angeles, reports that “the 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels sets out each year to spark some smiles with its iconic look — but only a select group of 12 will be invited to hit the road.”

According to a recent press release, Oscar Mayer representatives confirmed that from now until Jan. 31, “recent college graduates with a valid driver’s license can apply to join the 36th class of hotdogger.”

“The one-year, full-time gig behind the wheel will cover an average of 20,000 miles and more than 20 states along the way,” KTTV’s Angelica Stabile quotes the press release as saying.

Aside from maintaining a fleet of six Wienermobiles, hotdoggers will be tasked with creating social content for various brand channels and “collectively handing out more than 250,000 Wiener Whistles each year,” Stabile adds.

Oscar Mayer’s press releases also states that each hotdogger will serve as an official company spokesperson at more than 200 events per year.

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