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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A man accused of stealing a car apparently could not resist another theft when he bonded out of jail.

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According to a bail bond agent in Charlotte, North Carolina, her vehicle was stolen after she went inside the Mecklenburg County Jail on Dec. 30 to post bail for a client, WSOC-TV reported. She accused a man who had just posted bail of swiping her vehicle.

“He has to be the boldest and the dumbest criminal in the city,” Nymea Cropper told the television station. “The audacity to get out of jail, walk outside of the jail and steal a car.”

According to police, Anthony Deshawn Goddard, 29, posted $3,000 bail after being arrested on Dec. 29. According to online Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office booking records, Goddard had been charged with possession of stolen goods, resisting an officer, reckless driving, speeding, and operating a vehicle without an operator’s license.

According to police, surveillance video showed Goddard breaking into Cropper’s SUV and driving away, WSOC reported.

“The car was definitely stolen at 11:02 (p.m.). I came outside at 11:05,” Cropper told the television station. “So this kid just thinks he can steal a car and nothing’s going to happen to him.”

Cropper said that she has spoken to other bail bond businesses and believes that if the alleged thief is caught, bail will be next to impossible to secure. She also reiterated her message to the person who swiped her vehicle.

“I would say you’re stupid,” Cropper told WSOC. “You’re the stupidest criminal and I can’t wait until you get caught, ‘cause no one is going to bond you out,” she said.

Cropper said her vehicle is still missing. No arrests have been made, according to the television station.