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FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. – A North Carolina teacher is credited with disarming a student who fired a gun inside of a classroom.

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The Wake County Sheriff’s Department charged one person after a 12-year-old, who was not identified, fired a gun in one of the classrooms at Fuquay-Varina Middle School on Dec. 8, WNCN reported.

Lynn Guilliams, a language arts teacher at the school, said she jumped into action when she heard screams from other teachers.

“I grabbed all the kids that were in the hallways, brought them into our classrooms, and I was shooing the students into the corner so that they could get away from the windows and crouch down,” Guilliams told WYFF.

When Guilliams turned around, she said she saw one student who was still sitting in his assigned seat.

“He was just looking at me,” Guilliams told WRAL. “And I said, ‘come on, you need to get in the corner,’ and he bent down and picked up a gun.”

“I said to him … ‘What is that?’ knowing full well what it was,” Guilliams told WYFF. “And he said, ‘A gun.’”

Guilliams told WYFF she approached the student and took the gun away without any fight. She said the child never pointed the gun at her or threatened her.

But when Guilliams had the gun in her hand, she said she could smell gunpowder. When she asked the 12-year-old, “Why does it smell?” he responded, “I just shot the window,” WRAL reported.

Guilliams said at that point she noticed a hole in the window and shattered glass.

“I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Because I hate this school and everything in it,” Guilliams told WYFF.

“We have a gun on campus. I’m getting to the classroom. I’m told a teacher has it secured,” a caller told 911, in recordings obtained by WNCN. “We have a student who shot at a window.”

Guilliams told WRAL that she believes the student was not a true threat, and that the behavior was a cry for help.

“I believe if he had truly wanted to harm a person, or persons, he had plenty of opportunity,” she told WRAL. “He didn’t.”

A 39-year-old man was charged for failing to properly secure the gun used in the shooting, WRAL reported.

Nobody was hurt in the shooting, according to WNCN.