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NASSAU COUNTY, N.Y. – A woman is recovering after she was dragged when a thief stole her car from a Long Island gas station in broad daylight.

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The victim was pumping gas into her Range Rover SUV just before 11 a.m. when a white Porsche Cayenne pulled up next to her, WNBC reported.

Surveillance video obtained by WNBC shows a passenger in the Porsche getting out, climbing into the driver’s seat of the Range Rover and driving away, while the victim is holding onto her car.

“I initially thought that my car was not in park and started to drive away, so I tried to chase the car down and they ended up dragging me,” the victim, identified only as Cindy, told WABC.

The victim was dragged several yards and fell onto the road, where a witness ran to help her, WNBC reported.

“They could have killed her right there, because she was holding, they dragged her, they didn’t care,” Antonio Leiva, a witness, told WNBC. “She was lucky and I feel bad for her — she was badly scraped and bruised, and was very upset.”

The thief did not get far. After doing a U-turn, the man stopped her vehicle, grabbed a purse and laptop from inside the car and then got back into the white Porsche, police told WABC.

The victim told WABC that she had the car’s fob in her pocket, which likely prevented the thief from taking her vehicle any further.

The surveillance video obtained by WNBC appears to show that the Porsche had been circling the gas station multiple times before the incident.