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1983 brought us many new things. Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage; Sally Ride became the first American woman in space aboard Space Shuttle Challenger; and people around the world were learning the steps to the “Safety Dance.”

Well, maybe not. Did anyone really learn the “Safety Dance,” other than how make the letter “S” with your arms? And who has a maypole in their backyard, anyway?

We had fun trying, though. The video, which became a huge hit on MTV, was like a Renaissance fair put to pop music.

In Fall of 1983, Canadian band Men Without Hats topped the charts around the world and for three strong weeks here in the U.S. with their hit.

MWH lead singer Ivan Doroschuk recently sat down with the Adam Reader, the Professor of Rock, to talk about their Top Five hit, “Safety Dance.”

Ivan answers questions about the origins of the song and if the lyrics are really about “safe sex.” You can hear the interview below.