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We have teamed up to offer a supply donation drive with Bayou Boys Restaurant in Needville.

The restaurant is set up as a donation drop off location all week delivering to Lake Charles area on Sunday.

We have been in contact with the Cajun Army how has been set up in Lake Charles since Hurricane Laura hit the area. They are recognized by the State and City of Lake Charles.

Since power will not be restored for some time to all residents items needed at this time at bottled water, batteries, can foods, diapers, things that can be used on a daily basis without refrigeration.

**No clothes at this time since most facilities have been damaged and are without power. Those items will be needed at a later date.

Bayou Boys Po Boys is located at

1335 Highway 36

Needville, Texas 77461

Yesterday the Rosenberg Masonic Lodge #881 awarded Bayou Boys with the Community Builder Award for helping out local charities.

Joel, the owner is also planning on feeding First Responders after we deliver the supplies!

Here is a link on the Cajun Navy and where they are set up.