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At some stage in their lives, most people would have scoffed at the idea that advertising actually works on them.

But one girl in particular doesn’t mind admitting that a Gatorade commercial changed her life for a whole month when she was 8 years old – by inspiring her to carry around a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan.

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Irene Liao told New York Magazine’s Select All that she saw the life-sized depiction of His Airness in a Nike store in Taiwan after class one day and bought it on the spot.

From there, she took MJ around with her wherever she went. She recently shared on Twitter some of her adventures with the NBA legend.

She told Select All that she’s not against the idea of doing the same thing now, even though she’s 20 and a college student.

“Honestly, if I can find another MJ cardboard cutout, I’ll bring him around to my classes (at college),” she said

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