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Lawmakers in Georgia are looking to penalize “Porch Pirates.”

A new bill passed in the Georgia House could, if made into a law, make taking packages from people’s homes a felony with a one to five-year prison sentence, WSBTV reported.

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Rep. Bonnie Rich, who was one of the legislation’s sponsors, said the bill would “protect hard-working and law-abiding Georgians in their own homes.”

She wrote on Facebook: “Answering the call from citizens across the state to take action against the proliferation of porch piracy, I worked with the United States Postal Inspector to craft state legislation that recognizes the brazen nature and mindset of a criminal who is willing to approach the door of a victim’s home and commit a crime.”

But some think the bill goes too far and that the punishment should fit the crime, WSBTV reported.

Rep. Josh McClaurin voted against the bill because of what he called “excessive criminal penalties.” He also called HB94 “‘tough-on-crime’ posturing.”

The bill is on the way to the Georgia Senate. Click here to read the legislation.