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PITTSBURGH – A steady stream of boats headed up the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh toward the Hot Metal Bridge while a crowd of protesters clashed with supporters on the riverwalk Saturday.

Hundreds of boats and thousands of people were expected to take part in a boat parade in support of President Donald Trump. Most Trump supporters were dressed in red, white and blue and were not wearing masks.

As chanting escalated back and forth between Trump supporters and protesters, mounted police positioned themselves between the two groups.

Tensions heightened as the two sides began yelling and cursing at each other on the riverwalk. Additional police officers responded to the scene, creating a barrier.

Pittsburgh police were on the scene monitoring the situation.

“This was supposed to be a nice Trump rally on boats. It was very well organized, but for these people to show up and do this is so wrong,” Maggie Jayson, a Pittsburgh resident, told WPXI. “And we are going to demonstrate peacefully, ‘cause that’s our right. And as long as we’re doing it in the right manner, we can do that.”

After less than an hour, police escorted Trump supporters from the pier in what ended as a non-violent — but also not entirely peaceful — Fourth of July gathering.