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Sacramento Police Department had a way to get guns off the street and gas money into people’s pockets. The problem was the program was so popular that police ran out of gift cards not long after the collection began.

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The officers had planned on running the program for five hours, exchanging a $50 gas card for each gun turned in, KTLA reported.

More than 100 people showed up and turned in 134 firearms through the “Gas for Guns Buyback” event in only 45 minutes.

Those turning in weapons did not have to give their names to the police.

Police continued to collect firearms once the gift cards ran out, but they still ended the event about an hour earlier than planned.

In all, police said they received at least one assault weapon, multiple guns that were illegally configured and pieces of “ghost guns.”

Cities across the country have been known to hold their own buyback program.

New York City officials said 69 weapons were turned in at an event held in Brooklyn, Forbes reported. People who turned in weapons got a bank card worth $25 for rifles, shotguns and air guns. If they turned in assault rifles or handguns, the cards were $200. They also got iPads.

Officials said that 69 weapons were turned in, according to WNBC.