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Corinne Tan is hitting the slopes, and American Girl is breaking new ground with its latest doll.

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The popular doll manufacturer announced that its 2022 “Girl of the Year” doll is the company’s first of Chinese descent, CNN reported.

The doll is depicted as a Chinese American skier who lives in Aspen, Colorado, according to a news release. Corinne loves to ski, being a big sister and training her new puppy to become a search-and-rescue dog.

Corinne’s story, written by “The Great Wall of Lucy Lu” author Wendy Wan-Long Shang, explores the dynamic of the girl’s mother remarrying after a divorce and being forced to “find her balance” after being exposed to the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, “Today” reported.

Shang wrote two books about the doll, “Corinne” and “Corinne to the Rescue.”

“What I really hope is that there is some part of Corinne’s story that makes readers feel seen, whether it’s because they are Asian American, or because they’re part of a blended family, or because they love skiing,” Shang said in a statement. “I think when readers feel seen, they realize that they matter and their experiences matter, and that they are meant to be the stars of their own stories.”

The books will be illustrated by Peijin Yang, American Girl said in its statement.

“While filled with outdoor adventure and fun, Corinne’s message is, ultimately, about the power of love — between families, friends, and communities — and the strength and courage that comes from it,” Jamie Cygielman, general manager of American Girl, said in a statement. “We created Corinne to be a positive role model our fans can look up to and learn from as we all work toward a world where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.”

The “Girl of the Year” dolls were introduced by American Girl in 2001, CNN reported.

American Girl has released other Asian American dolls, including Ivy Ling, a doll that was introduced in 2007 but discontinued seven years later, NBC News reported. That doll was Chinese American but was not a “Girl of the Year,” American Girl said.

There was also a biracial Japanese American doll named Jess that was “Girl of the Year” in 2006, according to CNN.

American Girl also announced it would partner with AAPI Youth Rising, a nonprofit made up of young people raising awareness about xenophobia against Asian Americans. The company said it donated $25,000 to their cause, CNN reported.