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HOLLADAY, Utah – A Utah man’s pets have been seized by law enforcement.

Martin Bone’s pets were 20 Burmese pythons, 585 rats and 46 rabbits, Unified Police Department detective Ken Hansen told KTVX.

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Bone told KTVX the bust started when he sold a baby snake to an undercover officer after being contacted on Facebook.

Hansen said that police were told about the debris and smells coming from the home, and that report started the investigation.

Bone also didn’t have a valid permit for the snakes, police said. The one he had expired in 2017.

“I was first notified in 2014 that I needed to comply with these permits, but in 2017 I never received a notice after that and thought my permits were up to date,” Bone told KTVX.

Bone said the snakes are more than just pets. They are his kids and he has named them. They have full run, or slither, of the home and sleep with him in his bed, KTSU reported.

The snakes laid eggs in the home, and he gave many away, Bone said. He also sold some of the baby snakes, KTSU reported.

He’s had the snakes for 45 years and says no one has complained about the reptiles.

The rats and rabbits were considered “feed animals” for the snakes, KTSU reported.

Bone told KTSU “That’s my life, I”m over,” now that his pets have been taken from him.

In addition to the snakes, rabbits and rats, police said they found marijuana, $2,000 cash and a gun on the dining room table. They also said to have found two containers of pills that were eventually identified as opiate derivatives, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Bone has been charged with 20 counts of “permit required for exotic animals,” as well as drug and firearm charges, KTSU reported.