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Apopka, Fla. – A Florida woman came up with a creative way to see her grandchildren while practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharon Klafter, a retired Seminole County teacher, told WFTV-TV she came up with the idea to create stories on wheels.

“My idea came about because I miss the interaction with my two youngest grandchildren,” Klafter said. “I have always read to them when they have been in my care. My car seems to be ‘the safe zone’ as I travel from one driveway to another of my children, so it seems a natural podium so to speak to continue my reading.”

Klafter said she picks a new story each week and reads to her grandchildren from the safety of her car.

She said she gives her grandchildren a project to do as a follow-up to something referenced in the story.

“Years of teaching led me to make everything a learning experience, hoping to promote a love of learning in this next generation,” Klafter said.

Klafter said she chose the story called “The Greedy Rainbow” this week and they discussed rainbow facts.

“This led to discussions about rainbows, their colors and why they appear. I left them with paper arcs of the colors of a rainbow numbered in order to be placed on a large sheet of white paper,” Klafter said. “My enjoyment stems from being able to reach out and touch them with my words, facial expressions and interaction with them when they participate in a story.”