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Two volunteer firefighters in San Antonio saved the day for a 4-week-old kitten Sunday.

The volunteers, from the Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department, went into a sewer to rescue the 1-pound feline, KSAT reported.

Kenneth Jarvis, a spokesperson for the department, said a person called to report a kitten meowing but “since no one was there when we arrived we had to guess that the animal was in this sewer. A firefighter went in to have a look around.”

Jarvis told KSAT the 1-pound kitten was in a sewer behind an elementary school and had traveled underground. Two firefighters descended into the sewer to find the animal.

“One has to hold the flashlight and the other has to manage the animal,” Jarvis told the television station.

After freeing the kitten, a neighbor took him and decided to adopt the feline, calling him Stormy.

“He has had his first deworming dose, been bottle-fed and is now napping in his kitty house on a heating pad with a little stuffed bunny. He has a forever, loving home,” the neighbor told Jarvis.