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HUNTINGDON, Pa. – A men’s choir in Bristol, UK, was able to provide comfort to a young fan over 3,000 miles away with her very own lullaby.

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After experiencing bad nightmares, 5-year-old Roslyn and her father, Richard Kane, scrolled through YouTube videos to calm her down. By chance, they came across the Bristol MAN Chorus while looking up old pirate songs. Roslyn loved the chorus’ cover of “Rolling Down to Old Maui” and asked to listen to it almost every night before bed, Kane told the Cox Media Group National Content Desk. He joked that Roslyn alone made up nearly half of the video’s total views.

Kane, located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, contacted the UK group to show his appreciation for how much they had comforted his daughter.

Not only did the group respond, but they responded with a song. The Bristol MAN Chorus wrote and recorded “Roslyn’s Lullaby,” and even included a special shoutout to her younger sister, Evelyn. The men virtually sang the tune while accompanied by various stuffed animals.

“For us, just a bunch of hairy, old Bristolians, it’s very, very flattering to be a symbol of comfort,” musical director Sam Burns told BBC Points West. “Being contacted by them, having this whole thing, was really quite uplifting for us.”

The Kane family was blown away by the group’s kindness and generosity, referring to them as their “guardian angels in Great Britain.”

Roslyn thanked the group for her own personal lullaby with two big thumbs up. Her father said he sometimes catches her smiling and humming the song while playing with her toys.