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SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – A Connecticut house sitter is facing a charge of attempting to commit animal cruelty after authorities said she tried to get a neighbor’s barking dog to eat a chocolate-covered mothball.

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According to WFSB and The Bristol Press, Sandra Sullivan, 57, turned herself in to police last week, more than a month after the incident occurred in Southington.

In a news release Monday, Southington police responded to Whitlock Avenue on Dec. 23 after a homeowner heard his dog barking and noticed some suspicious activity.

“The caller reported when he went to check on his dog, he observed a blonde-haired white female, dressed in all black clothing, walking along his fence line on the neighbor’s side of the fence,” the release said.

The caller, who identified the woman as an area house sitter, told officers that he saw her put “a small round item on a tree stump in a neighbor’s yard,” according to the release.

The caller then spotted something similar on his own back steps, police said. The item appeared to be a piece of chocolate filled with cream, he said.

“On closer examination, he noticed a strong and distinct odor coming from the item, consistent with a urinal deodorizer block or a mothball,” the release said, adding that the caller “discovered a mothball hidden inside” the chocolate candy and worried that the woman was trying to give it to his pet.

When police first arrived, Sullivan claimed she had done nothing wrong, according to the release. But officers soon found the other mothball-filled chocolate on the tree stump, police said.

“Sullivan admitted the item was a cream-filled chocolate covered candy that she opened, then hid a mothball inside,” the release said.

The woman told officers that she was frustrated by the dog’s barking “and decided to make a ‘treat’” for the animal, police said.

“She said her intent was not to hurt the dog; she just wanted the dog to stop barking excessively,” the release said.

Authorities later issued an arrest warrant for Sullivan. After she surrendered to police, she posted $1,000 bond and was released, police said. She is expected to appear in court Feb. 10.