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Stargazers will get a treat this month when five planets align in the night sky.

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The five planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — will be able to be seen by the naked eye in the early morning. In addition, the planets will be seen in their proper order from the Sun.

The rare alignment has not happened since December 2004, according to Sky & Telescope. The next time you can see the planets align in order will be in 2040.

Here’s how to watch

Throughout June, shortly before the sun rises, you will have the chance to see the planets hanging low in the east to higher in the south.

According to Sky & Telescope, “Mercury will be tougher to spot: Early in the month, viewers will need an unobstructed eastern horizon as well as binoculars to potentially see the little world. As the month wears on, Mercury climbs higher and brightens significantly, making it easier to see, and thus completing the planetary lineup.”

On June 24, the crescent moon will join the five planets in the early morning sky, according to