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MIAMI – Singer Gloria Estefan on Tuesday night revealed that she tested positive for the coronavirus in early November, the Miami Herald reported.

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The Cuban-born singer, nominated for 12 Grammy Awards and a three-time winner, posted a five-minute video from her Miami recording studio on her Instagram page.

Estefan, 63, said she went to a restaurant on Oct. 30 with family members, the Herald reported.

“I went to a restaurant, outdoors, with some family, three, four of us,” Estefan said in the video. “Everybody was negative. We wore masks all the way to the table. And when we left, the only thing I can imagine that happened, is that someone came up to me when I was eating and tapped me on the shoulder. They were very close, they had no mask and they were telling me beautiful things. But that’s the only thing that I have done outside of my enclosure here.”

Estefan said that by Nov. 5, she was unable to taste her food, according to the Herald. That is when she really started to “freak out a little bit, as we all have been.”

Estefan said she got tested and had a positive result on Nov. 8. In the video clip, she describes how she isolated herself from her family for two weeks.

Other than a lack of smell and taste, Estefan said the only other symptoms she suffered was a minor cough, the Herald reported.

Estefan has since tested negative twice.

“The family, household staff and working staff all were tested after she tested positive.” Frank Amadeo, president of Estefan Enterprises, wrote in an email to the Herald. “Yes, it’s a scary world out there …. no matter how much you protect yourself. She quarantined at home and, as she said, thankfully she and the family are all doing well.”

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