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A 47-year-old woman who was last seen or heard from in November has been found alive, living in a tent near Provo, Utah.

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The woman was first reported missing on Nov. 25 when her car was found abandoned at a trailhead parking lot, The Associated Press reported.

Police impounded the car, believing it had been abandoned, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

NBC News reported that officials had searched for the woman in the past but didn’t find her.

But this past weekend, they used a drone to fly over the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon. The drone crashed and when the pilot and sheriff’s sergeant looked for it, they found the tent, NBC News reported.

At first, they thought the tent had been abandoned, but the woman unzipped the door and looked out, the Tribune reported.

The woman was weak and had lost weight. She told officers that she survived on a small amount of food and ate grass and moss. Campers also gave her food. She used a nearby river as a source for water, the Tribune reported.

The sheriff’s office said the woman did nothing illegal and she was there, they believe, by choice. She was taken to an area hospital for evaluation, NBC News reported.