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The group Men Without Hats is reminding travelers that no one can be without a mask on an Alaska Airlines flight.

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The airline took a little inspiration from the ‘80s song “Safety Dance” for its newest safety reminder.

In the video, the singer belts “We can fly where you want to, we can leave your house behind, but if your friends don’t mask – and why don’t they mask? – well, they won’t fly this airline,” USA Today reported.

The safety video was directed by Warren Fu who has worked with Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Daft Punk and HAIM, and was choreographed by Anna Matuszewski who has worked with Macklemore.

As for the dancers, they’re employees of Alaska Airlines, some of whom were nominated by their team leaders while others were chosen by their ability to dance, the company said in a behind-the-scenes blog.

The lucky dancing crew were given the choreography before recording and were told to practice at home.

Then they did a full-day dress rehearsal before the shoot to get it all done right.

The actual video shoot lasted two days in the cabin trainer and the Alaska Maintenance Hanger in Seattle, the company said.

The video will roll out on flights in January, USA Today reported.