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MONROVIA, Calif. – A bear cub could have had quite a surprise when it decided to attack a deer in one California neighborhood.

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The cub pounced on an inflatable reindeer decoration that had been put out in a yard in Monrovia, California.

The “attack” was caught on video, KABC reported.

Donna Hargett told KCBS, “I looked up and there it was jumping on the reindeer. I was laughing to myself out in the street.”

She said she believes the bear cub thought the reindeer was encroaching on the real animal’s territory.

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Hargett said a larger bear, one she thinks is the cub’s mother, watched as the baby got its prey.

“We see these two around all the time,” Hargett told KCBS. “They’re trouble.”

KABC reported the bears eventually wandered off.