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CHEYENNE, Wyo. – A 6-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after protecting his 4-year-old sister’s life during a dog attack.

Bridger Walker, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, stepped between his sister and a 1-year-old German shepherd when the dog started to charge the girl, CNN reported.

Bridger was the one attacked, the dog ripping his cheek, his parents told CNN in a statement.

It took about 90 stitches and a two-hour surgery to repair the damage.

His father asked Bridger why he did it, his dad said Bridger told him, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me,” CNN reported.

Now Bridger’s heroic deed is getting noticed after his aunt tagged the actors who played The Avengers on Instagram.

Anne Hathaway, who appeared as Catwoman in DC Entertainment’s “The Dark Knight Rises” wrote on the Instagram post, “I’m not an Avenger, but I know a superhero when II see one. I can only hope I’m half as brave in my life as you are in yours, Bridger. Wishing you an easeful recovery, and many cool looking rocks. Hey @markruffalo, do you need a teammate??”

Mark Ruffalo played The Hulk/Bruce Banner in The Avenger films. Bridger’s family told CNN Ruffalo did reach out to them.

Bridger did get a message from the first avenger, Chris Evans who played Captain America. Evans promised Bridger that he will send him a real Captain America shield, Unilad reported.

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), and Zachary Levi (Shazaam) also sent well wishes to Bridger, CNN reported.