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HOUSTON – A Texas auto dealership has shared surveillance video that they said shows a woman breaking through a wall and vandalizing the business before stealing a car.

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Surveillance video shared with KTRK shows a woman coming through the wall into Texas Trust Auto Sales in Houston. The video shows the woman coming through the wall sideways, wearing sunglasses, and looking straight at the camera before falling the rest of the way into the room.

“I really thought this was not one person doing this. Then, when I found out it was a female, that shocked me even more,” Mounir Driss, the dealership’s owner, told KTRK.

The woman used a sledgehammer to break through into the dealership, KHOU reported.

The video shows the woman spray painting a car, writing “Jesus loves you” on a Chevrolet Camaro, and writing “I love Anexa” and the number seven on walls, KTRK reported.

Investigators said the thief stole a car as well, leaving in a gold Mercedes SL500 convertible, KTRK reported.