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An Atlanta-area family is thankful for an act of kindness during the chaotic coronavirus pandemic.

In 2013, Jamie McHenry was killed in a car crash during spring break in West Palm Beach, Florida, WSB-TV reported.

Every year since his death, McHenry’s parents make the trip from their home in North Fulton County to St. George Island on the Florida Panhandle to pay their respects to their 13-year-old son at a memorial.

This year, they could not go because of the coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t mean the memory of their teen son was forgotten.

A random stranger in the area heard the family’s story and decided to step in and make sure Jamie McHenry’s memorial was still decorated.

The kind stranger, who posted a photo of the good deed on Facebook, wrote: “Christine and the McHenry family … we were sad to read that due to this pandemic your annual trip to SGI was canceled and you will miss visiting the memorial brick for your son Jamie. Wanted to know we are watching over it for you today and he is in our thoughts. God bless.”