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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Police in California are asking for help after multiple arrows were found shot at homes over the past two weeks.

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The sharp-tipped arrows have been shot at homes and into yards and have pierced rooftops in the neighborhood, the Huntington Beach Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Police said that the arrows have also been found in trees, sidewalks and on the streets, KTTV reported.

An image provided by the police department showed that one of the arrows measured about 17 inches in length, KTLA-TV reported.

Police began receiving calls from homeowners about two weeks ago about arrows lodged in their rooftops and floating in swimming pools, Huntington Beach Police spokesperson Jessica Cuchilla told The Orange County Register. The neighborhood includes several residential cul-de-sacs, a community park and a Little League baseball field, according to the newspaper.

No injuries were reported as of Tuesday, but authorities are concerned that residents could be struck by flying arrows. Cuchilla said that at least six cases have been reported so far, the Register reported.

“HBPD is concerned about the possibility of someone being struck by one of the falling arrows and is seeking assistance from the public regarding anyone being seen in the area with a crossbow, compound bow or other device used to shoot arrows,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

Tanya McMillan, 38, said she found a crossbow bolt sticking out of her front lawn about a week ago.

“From where it landed, it looked like it was just a bit off from going through our kitchen window,” McMillan told the Register.

Police have not identified any suspects, KCBS-TV reported.