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DAYTON, Ohio – Students aboard a bus for a charter school ignited a police investigation and a reaction from their school when one of the riders dialed 911, and another texted 911, to accuse the driver of a crime that never occurred.

Last week, the Dayton school bus driver had pulled over to address students she felt were being unruly.

Huber Heights police Sgt. Joshua Fosnight watched the video from the camera on the bus.

“But they’re not wanting to listen to her,” Huber Heights police Sgt. Joshua Fosnight told WHIO.

“We got calls from a few students on the bus who were claiming there was an assault by the bus driver,” he told thestation.

Fosnight determined from the video that the allegations by the students were false.

“No students were assaulted, nobody was pushed, nobody was hit with a broom or any of the allegations that were made by the students,” the sergeant said.

A spokesperson from the charter school stated that it was “upset” about what happened and is “working closely” with the school district “to strengthen safety protocols and ensure this does not happen again.”

Fosnight said students should dial 911 “for the right reasons.”

“If they believe that there’s something going on, yes, they should call. As far as statements that they were making as to the allegations of the bus driver, obviously that’s inappropriate,” he said.

The students who called were under 15 years of age.