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MINNEAPOLIS – A driver pulled over to help a state trooper who was being assaulted while conducting an arrest.

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Matthew Cleve crashed his car into a retaining wall Jan. 3 then walked away from the vehicle while it was still in drive and the wheels were spinning, WCCO reported.

A Minnesota State Patrol trooper approached Cleve, who was still walking away. When the trooper tried to arrest him, Cleve punched him and took him to the ground. Cleve tried to grab the trooper’s gun during the struggle.

Vincent Williams was driving by when he saw the altercation.

“I saw a tussle and a fist flying and was like, ‘Oh, let me check it out.’ As I got closer and approached above him, I saw he had the officer’s gun,” Williams told WCCO. “I said, ‘Let the gun go,’ and I asked the officer, ‘Do you feel comfortable grabbing your Taser?’ He said, Hold him.’”

Cleve, 38, was arrested after other officers arrived.

“I put my hands up and said, ‘I’m helping! I’m helping,’” Williams said.

The state patrol does not promote intervening, but was thankful Williams did in this instance.

The trooper suffered minor injuries to his face and leg. He is back on patrol.

Williams was not injured.

Cleve was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, fourth-degree assault against a peace officer and disarming a peace officer, KSTP reported.

Investigators said Cleve has a suspended license. He has previously been convicted of second-degree assault.