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Brian Johnson of AC/DC recently spoke to us about his book “The Lives Of Brian: A Memoir”.

The conversation began with how the book’s prologue finds Brian discussing his hearing issues.

Brian told us about how things are with his hearing these days in the studio and live.

He also spoke about how he discovered a great musical influence of his, Little Richard.

We also discussed the recording of “Back In Black” and the writing of some of the songs for the album.

Brian even spoke about how his first concert as the singer for AC/DC felt similar to the first time he jumped out of a plane in the parachute regiment in Britain’s National Guard.

A stand out quote that adorns the book’s back cover reads “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. And I’ll never do it again”.

Listen to our conversation below and then make sure you pick up the book “The Lives Of Brian: A Memoir”.