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A woman who crashed her car into a river in Ottawa took the time she waited to be rescued to snap a selfie.

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The woman, whose name was not released, could be seen standing on the trunk of her car and posing for photos, The Ottawa Citizen reported.

She was apparently not hurt and was taking the pictures as the car sank further into the water.

Prior to the incident, she had been driving on the frozen river.

Residents nearby used a kayak to reach her and pulled her to the shore.

One man who had been teaching his kids to skate said the car came “out of nowhere” and that it was “driving right in the middle of the river,” The Ottawa Citizen reported.

The woman was not hurt in the crash and was later charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, Ottawa Police said in a news release.

They also said that portion of the Rideau River has thinner ice than other areas and that ice thickness can be “unpredictable.”