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LOS ANGELES – Firefighters managed to resuscitate an unconscious cat rescued from a burning Los Angeles apartment on Friday.

No one was home when firefighters responded to a kitchen fire in a Los Angeles apartment, but they did find an unconscious cat who they were able to rescue, according to KTLA-TV.

The Los Angeles Fire Department provided oxygen to the cat, and after 10 minutes of continuous oxygen therapy, the cat stood up and interacted with firefighters.

The chief of the Los Angeles City Fire Department shared photos from the rescue on social media on Friday.

“After extinguishing the fire, a search determined no one was home, however, members rescued a cat, and administered oxygen,” Fire Chief Kristin Crowley wrote. “After 10 minutes, the furry friend got up, and appeared to be in better condition.”

Sadly, according to the Los Angeles City Fire Department, two other cats were lost in the fire.