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Automaker Tesla is recalling more than 9,000 vehicles.

The company filed paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall 9,136 2016 Model X cars, Reuters reported.

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The recall was issued due to an adhesive issue.

According to NHTS documents, the vehicle has a cosmetic applique on the front of the roof near the windshield and a second in the center of the roof between the upper falcon door roof glass.

Both appliques were stuck on the cars with urethane, but if no primer was used the adhesive may let go. If the applique flies off while driving, it could create a road hazard for other motorists.

Drivers could hear a noise inside the car of the applique coming off or they may see signs of the adhesive letting go, according to the recall report.

Telsa service locations will look at the appliques and test to make sure they are stuck on the vehicles. If they come loose, then they’ll reattach them.

Owners will be notified via mail if their car is impacted by the recall.

A second recall involving 401 2020 Model Y vehicles deal with bolts that connect the front upper control arm and the steering knuckle. The company said the bolts may not have been tightened enough and could allow the control arm to detach from the steering knuckle, Reuters reported.

Service locations will make sure the bolt is tightened.

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