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A bank in the United Kingdom accidentally transferred $175 million to customers on Christmas Day.

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More than 75,000 scheduled and one-off payments normally paid by the bank were duplicated because of an error by the bank’s system, according to The Times of London.

According to a spokesman for the bank, the glitch that caused the overpayment has been fixed and the bank is now working to recover the money. According to the story, 2,000 of those who received the double payments are employees or suppliers who are customers of different banks.

The error affects only U.K. customers, according to the spokesperson.

“We’re sorry that due to a technical issue, some payments from our corporate clients were incorrectly duplicated on the recipients’ accounts,” reads the statement.

“None of our clients were at any point left out of pocket as a result and we will be working hard with many banks across the UK to recover the duplicated transactions over the coming days.”

Spanish-owned Santander has 14 million active customers and approximately 20,000 employees.

The Times reported that the payments were made to accounts in different U.K. banks. Santander has contacted those banks to recover the money.

The spokesman for one of the banks told the newspaper that it would be reluctant to recover the funds if they had been spent and the recovery would cause the account to be overdrawn.

Santander said it had “processes in place as a bank to seek recovery of those funds directly from recipients.”