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ATLANTA – A mother said Six Flags Over Georgia tried to stop her family from going into the park because they were wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

WSB-TV’s Tom Jones was in Cobb County, where the park is now apologizing to the family.

Six Flags Over Georgia said this was a misunderstanding and the shirts are allowed inside the park.

Still, Maya Miller couldn’t believe it when she and her three kids were confronted by a security guard.

“We just wanted to go to the park,” Miller said. “We didn’t come there for any protest or anything.”

Miller said one shirt read, “We’re tired.” Another said, “I can’t breathe,” and the third said, “Stop killing us.”

As the family walked into the park on Juneteenth, Miller said a security guard pulled them aside.

“She’s saying, ‘I need to call someone to make sure what you are wearing is not an issue.’ And I said, ‘Excuse me?'” Miller said. “I can’t believe she would single me out. She was very loud. She embarrassed us. I simply froze.”

Miller said the security guard, who was Black, called someone but wouldn’t say who, so she and her kids headed inside.

“Once we entered the park, my whole day was shot because I was nervous,” Miller said. “I didn’t know if she did call the police. I saw the fear and confusion in my children’s eyes.”

Miller shared the incident on social media, where it gained a lot of attention.

Six Flags saw the post and reached out to the family.

The amusement park sent Jones a statement in which the park president offered his apologies and welcomed the Millers back to the park as special guests.

The statement said that, to be clear, the shirts are permitted.

“She should not have even approached us,” Miller said. She said it’s like the park didn’t recognize the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Nothing on our shirts demonstrated any hate,” Miller said. “It didn’t target any specific group. It never said anything derogatory.”

The park said it takes matters like this seriously and it immediately retrained its team members to ensure compliance with all policies regarding inclusiveness.

Miller wants the park to go a step further and make sure workers understand the Black Lives Matter movement and train its employees on the impact of racism.

“We want them to get on board with this,” Miller said. “Say that you are on board.”

The Millers plan to take the park up on its offer to come back Saturday and meet with the CEO as special guests.