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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who tested positive this week for COVID-19, has confirmed he has not been vaccinated against the virus.

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Rodgers had said earlier in the season that he was immunized against COVID-19 but didn’t say he was vaccinated.

On The Pat McAfee Show Friday, he spoke out against the coverage of his status in the media.

“I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now,” Rodgers said, according to Sports Illustrated. “So, before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself.”

He also said that the NFL knew of his vaccination status, CNN reported and that he had asked the NFL to consider a homeopathic treatment as an alternative to the vaccines, ESPN reported.

He claimed the media was on a “witch hunt” to find out which players were vaccinated. He also blamed reporters for him saying he was “immunized” in August, CNN reported.

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He said he is not anti-vaccine, but that he is a “critical thinker.” Rodgers also said he had been following the rules set by the NFL for unvaccinated players. He underwent daily testing, even on his days off, undergoing more than 300 tests before receiving a positive one. But he said the rules were there to blame unvaccinated people.

The 37-year-old football player said he is allergic to an ingredient in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and was worried about potential side effects from the Johnson & Johnson shot. He said deciding on using alternative treatments was “what was best for my body,” CNN reported.

Rodgers said he feels “really good” now after having mild symptoms for about 48 hours. He is not sure when he can get back on the field or what is next after his positive COVID-19 test.

He said he followed the advice of “good friend” and podcast host Joe Rogan, who also was diagnosed with COVID-19, on how to treat the illness. Rodgers said he took monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C and DHCQ, CNN reported.

Rodgers will not be playing against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

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