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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The coronavirus has really hit home for some kids, especially those who have lost a tooth. After all, if social distancing is in effect, how is the tooth fairy supposed to deliver some cash?

That is a question that tormented a 7-year-old girl, who pleaded with her mother to make a mask for the tooth fairy.

Kayla Westhouse, in a Facebook post, wrote that her daughter, Evolette, argued that the tooth fairy needed to be safe in order to take the tooth she just lost.

“So, I found myself at the sewing machine,” Westhouse wrote. “Making my 178th mask. For a fairy.”

Westhouse, of Grand Rapids, admitted her daughter made some good points while pleading her case.

Evolette told her mother the tooth fairy had to enter her 6-foot bubble to get the tooth from her pillow. The tooth had been in Evolette’s mouth “where all the germs are.” The child also worried about the next house the tooth fairy visited because “that kid has my germs, too.”

And the traditional child response: “What else do you have to do tonight?”

Evolette left a note for the tooth fairy, writing “My mom made a mask for you. Can you leave a present for my Dad? It’s his birthday.”

Dad, for his part, crafted a letter from the tooth fairy, that read in part: “You are such a considerate lady. I am so happy to be able to not spread germs as I go from place to place.”

“And now you can tell all the children that the tooth fairy is safe,” Westhouse wrote, adding that Evolette found a dollar for her dad, Aaron Westhouse, under her pillow the next morning.