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The Who Hits Back tour rolled through Tampa back on April 27th, but this little mid-show interaction is just now making the internet rounds. At some point mid set there were some brief technical issues which led to the band asking each other what they were going to play next, which led to people in the crowd yelling out requests. That’s when a notoriously grumpy Pete losing his ever-loving mind on one fan’s request for Naked Eye.

He starts out seeming truly pissed off, then softens his tone a little, before the big punchline. After lambasting the fan and undoubtedly saying he will not play Naked Eye because they don’t play requests, Pete then asked Roger what they should play next to which roger replied quite dryly, Naked Eye. The exact exchange from Pete goes like this: ‘Just shut up. Just shut the fuck up with Naked fucking Eye, alright? We don’t do requests. However many times I see you, and I love you, you fucking paid for my Ferrari, I’m sure.”

That’s when Pete asked Roger what to play next…watch the entire fan filmed interaction. Pete was a good sport after all and they immediately went into the requested Who favorite.