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CINNAMINSON, N.J. – You’ve heard of WrestleMania. A New Jersey couple came up with a creative, WWE-style gender reveal last month.

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Call it GenderMania.

Ronald Cameron and his partner, Kayla Peterson, are expecting their first child in December, WPVI reported. The couple, who live in the suburban Philadelphia town of Cinnaminson, staged a gender reveal in the squared circle.

Peterson is a big WWE fan, while Cameron is a middle school wrestling coach, the television station reported.

Warning: Some profanity in the following video.

Peterson’s father has a flair — perhaps learned from Ric Flair? — for the theatrical and suggested the match. Gervase Peterson knows about television, having appeared on 31 episodes of the reality show “Survivor” between 2000 and 2013, according to He even appeared in a 2000 taping of “WWE Sunday Night Heat,” according to the film database.

It was Gervase Peterson’s idea for the fling in the ring, and the expecting couple embraced the idea.

Cameron built a makeshift ring in the yard of Kayla Peterson’s house, with blue and pink PVC pipes representing the turnbuckle posts, WPVI reported.

The opponents? Team Girl wrestler against Team Boy wrestler.

Anthony Cameron, Ronald’s brother, wore a pink tutu to represent Team Girl Wrestler, WPVI reported. Ronald Cameron’s other brother, Shawn Ruffin, wore the blue tutu for Team Girl Wrestler.

Kayla Peterson’s brother, Gunner Peterson, would play a key role, and her father was the referee, the television station reported.

The match was a spirited affair that lasted less than three minutes, and there was plenty of action. Naturally, the referee was distracted, allowing Gunner Peterson to interfere and hit Ruffin with a chair.

Anthony Cameron dived in for the pin and got the three count, giving the victory to Team Girl.

That meant that the wrestling mad couple was expecting a girl, WPVI reported.

“It’s a girl,” Gervase Peterson yelled as he raised Anthony Cameron’s arm in victory.

Stephanie McMahon, the chief brand officer of WWE and the daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon Jr., even weighed in on the match.

“Now this is a gender reveal I’d love to attend,” Stephanie McMahon tweeted.

If Ronald Cameron and Kayla Peterson decide to have another child someday, they may face a challenge in topping this gender reveal.

“Maybe we’ll have to do a ladder match next time,” Ronald Cameron told WPVI.

Or a Royal Rumble.