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DALLAS – A Texas infant couldn’t wait for her mother to be admitted to the hospital before making her way into the world, forcing a security guard to help deliver her in an elevator.

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Security video released by Medical City Dallas shows Betzabeth Perez arriving at the hospital and being wheeled inside. A security guard, Eli Davila, escorts her into the elevator, but when the elevator next opens, it reveals Perez holding her new baby girl.

Davila said he had to help deliver the baby, with no time to do anything else.

“No medical training whatsoever; it was just one of those things where you watch all this TV, and you just put it into practice right now,” Davila told WFAA. “The baby started crying, and the mom got calm, and I told them everything was going to be fine and that the worst was over.”

The entire birth took approximately one minute, the hospital told KXXV. Both mother and daughter received afterbirth care and were comfortable and healthy.

Davila told KXAS that he has two children of his own, but now feels like he has a third.

“I want to be part of the baby’s life, and celebrate Mother’s Day and birthdays, coming along as she grows,” he told the station. “Seems to me like she’s going to be another one of my kids.”

Perez and her husband named their new baby girl Mia.