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NEW YORK – New York City was abuzz this weekend when emergency crews removed thousands of bees that had made a home for themselves at a Times Square restaurant.

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The New York Police Department shared pictures of the hive on Twitter, saying that the department was called in to remove the 2,000 bees that were living in a restaurant’s outdoor seating area. The photos show a member of the NYPD nonchalantly removing the bees, wearing no protection.

There were no reports of injuries to humans or insects, WNBC reported.

In their tweet, officers said the bees would be “relocated to an area where their pollenating skills will be put to good use.”

Another beehive was found in New York City last week, when officers in the 17th Precinct described an “unBEElievably” large crowd of bees on a fire hydrant. A video uploaded to Twitter by the NYPD shows an officer using a vacuum to safely remove the insects.

The NYPD has an entire Twitter account, @NYPDBees, that documents the department’s ongoing efforts to safely remove and relocate bees found in the city.