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SOUTHLAKE, Texas – If you are going to shoplift, it’s a good idea to wear clothing that does not stand out. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a hot mess.

Police in a northern Texas city are looking for a woman they say shoplifted items from a Tyler’s sports apparel store on Saturday, KTVT reported.

The woman, described as blonde and about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, was caught on surveillance cameras allegedly putting a pair of Vans and Crocs and some T-shirts into a large Michael Kors bag, according to the Southlake Police Department’s Facebook page.

The woman’s purple shirt sported the phrase, “Hot Southern Mess.”

“Help us identify this Southern belle burglar,” the Southlake police wrote in a post that was chock full of Southern sayings.

“Bless her heart, she had on black capri britches, a smart watch with a white band, and for an unprecedented third BOLO in a row, this thief wore black flippy flops,” the police department wrote on Facebook.’

“If you recognize this thief, don’t hush your mouth,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

The police department released video footage of the woman, who according to police, stole more than $100 of merchandise, KTVT reported.

“Over the past few months, you’ve been pampered so much with Kohl’s extraordinary cameras, that mayhap you had forgotten how crisp and sharp the cameras are over at Tyler’s?! Heavens to Betsy, it looks like our Southern Belle bad girl clearly did,” Southlake Police wrote, although it was unclear why a Kohl’s store had been referenced, or whether the woman had been accused of taking items from that store.

Regardless of the circumstance, it is clear that one store patron may be facing a hot Southern mess. Police asked for help, listing an email for crime analyst Diana Smith ( and a telephone number (817-748-8915). The police department also said people with leads can contact the department through its social media account.

Bless your heart if you can help.