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The latest and greatest iPhone 12 is out and, if you believe the hype, it will change your life unimaginably. But before you head to the Apple store – read this first.

The top of the line iPhone 12 Pro will set you back $1,000. Now we’re not saying it’s not worth $1k but when money is tight, it’s always good to put into perspective what you could put the money towards instead. Here are five ways you could spend that cash instead of on the iPhone 12.

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235 Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks ($4.25 for a Tall)


83 slices of avocado toast – avg. cost of $12 per slice in NYC

A sailing trip to the Caribbean – Norwegian and Royal Caribbean offer for around $1,000 per person

Watch your favorite artist perform live 10 times – Tickets to a show at most arenas go for as low as $100 per ticket

Spend nine days at Disney – Day passes run for $110 per day